Office 1 at Gouda

Monumental building in the center of Gouda with three office floors and a residential floor with roof terrace. The building has a total usable area of approximately 650m ².


Because of the general malaise in the office building is as yet unsold. The clients would ask us to investigate whether there are more possibilities to the property in a common way to rent or sell.

The starting point:

What should be changed to the current situation, in this difficult market, to make the property attractive for sale or rent?


The accessibility of the office and the parking restrictions in the center of Gouda are a problem for the current destination. Many companies leave the center of Gouda, then a modern, cheap, efficient and more accessible office to buy or rent. Often in a business district on the outskirts of Gouda.

A rezoning is the best option. It remains a fantastic location, but not for current use as office space. Because the historical center of Gouda and its central location within the Randstad has a great appeal to homeowners, it is interesting to look at the rezoning as living space. Is it financially and technically possible to permit the site to transform into a small apartment?

After a first sketchy plan to have designed and following approval of the clients, we have been in contact with the municipality. Connect the plan with the wishes of the municipality and the licensing is technically no problem? The municipality were positive and saw no significant problems to redevelop the property as an apartment.

The next step was to see how many apartments could be located there and what the costs will amount to. It soon became clear that a luxury apartment on each floor with elevator shaft financially viable. Because the idea of an elevator was canceled, it became clear that we had to focus on a younger audience. A group that are vital enough to use the stairwell and happy lives in the bustling center near the station. After much puzzling it appears possible to the second and third floor, two apartments per storey to create. In the attic is not enough room for the new design, creating a large apartment with a roof terrace. On the floors there will be created a total of five apartments, four in the price segment of ‘beginners’.

Because the ground has access to a window of approximately twelve meters is obvious to use the space as retail / studio space. A retail location because it does not, establish think of an exclusive shop / gallery or a store that focuses on a particular niche. People should be prepared for a bit here to walk.

The plan is currently available from the clients. Given the investment amount, all pros and cons must balance against each other. Something which is difficult in the current uncertain economic situation. The principals are certainly very satisfied with the broadening of the possibilities, the chances of success.